Special People, Special Colours

We are truly special. We are people with Down’s Syndrome. We are here to remind the world about what really matters…Love, Happiness, Humanity.

We have the ability and desire to become contributing and self-supporting members of society.

We have an identity that goes beyond our chromosomal disorder.

We have a right to be understood, to be included, to be accepted.

Welcome to our special world !

There is more to the life of a Downs Syndrome child than an extra chromosome. They have special talents waiting to be tapped. Achievements of some of these children are truly inspiring and outstanding.

Based at Mumbai, India; PODS believes in action. Action to make the society aware, action to ensure these children get an enabling environment, action to ensure they realise their true potential, action to make a difference.

Need more information about Downs Syndrome? About the parents’ experiences? Wish to find support close to your location?

You can reach out in many ways.

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