You can support PODS activities in many ways:
  • Invite a child
    • Have you invited an affected child to your home yet? There can be no better, hands-on education of your children and family. And, there can be no better gift for a special child than to know he/she is “included”.
  • Educate the educators
    • Do you know the teachers and principals of schools in your area? You can help us reach them and overcome some of the unfounded barriers to inclusive education in schools.
  • Educate the employers
    • There is a crying need for employers to open their minds and doors to Down’s Syndrome persons. You can help us reach the decision makers in various companies and educate them about possible opportunities in this area.
  • Financial support
    • Our activities are directly dependent on our finances. You can help us meet our objectives on a wider scale by extending financial support to PODs.
  • Write to us
    • Let us know your views, thoughts and ideas on what can be done by PODS to meet our objectives in a more effective manner. Your ideas are as important to us as your involvement and financial support.
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